Errors About Man

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Bicknell Young

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  1. That he is separated from Principle. This error is the point of departure from all spiritual growth.
  2. That he is not entirely separate from error.
  3. That he is composed of contrary qualities, good and evil, truth and error.
  4. That he is divided into human beings.
  5. That he is divided into sexes.
  6. That he is limited in every aspect or particular.
  7. That he is not perfect in all respects.
  8. That he is different now from what he was or will be. (S&H 470:32-5)
  9. That he is governed by something other than divine Principle.
  10. That he is governed by his nerves, his liver, his stomach, or some organ of the body. Man is governed by God’s law, by Principle’s law. We are not governed by nerves, but by God. It is tragic how much the human being thinks matter is governing him.
  11. That man is subject to chance, heredity, environment, the conduct or misconduct of other persons; that he is a creature of circumstance. These things never touch the real man. The only environment is the environment of divine Mind.
  12. That he is competitive and not cooperative.
  13. That he began with human birth.
  14. That he develops from infancy to manhood, and then deteriorates.
  15. That we have the fallacy that man dies. Mrs. Eddy points out that fear causes death. At every point of infinite space, there is Life.
  16. That he undergoes after death a final judgment which consigns him to heaven or hell. (S&H 291:28-32)
  17. That he enters into a state called purgatory. This is a belief held by millions today. This is a great money-getter for the R.C. church. The real man is always in heaven.
  18. That he enters into a state of suspended life, pending resurrection.
  19. That he does not fully reflect the divine Mind.

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