Perfect in God

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Mary Baker Eddy

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Every time you declare you are perfect in God there goes through the whole body a health-giving power. When you can realize in Truth that you are now (not shall be) perfect in God, without a single doubt, wonderful changes will come to pass. But let me urge you, however difficult it may seem, to declare that all is light.

Deny all physical suffering – declare times without number that you are perfect, joyful, triumphant. Say often, God is my strength, my life, my health, my understanding. You have dominion in Him over the world, the flesh and the devil. You cannot be overthrown for He is not only Omnipotence but Omnipresence. Your life is in Him. No power can bind you. God is the only Life; Spirit is the only substance; Love is the only cause; harmony is the only law; now is the only time.

“Nothing can interfere with Truth. It stands on an immovable rock.”

Nothing can interfere with Truth. It stands on an immovable rock. Nothing can change it. God has placed all in our orbit and like the stars we are held by power, and one cannot fall out.

Remember, do not listen to what error says – it does not speak one word of truth. It is error talking about itself. Nothing can talk about nothing. Truth says you now are the child of God, harmonious and perfect and complete. You are already the child of Love, intact and immune from harm.

Declare constantly your own perfection and freedom, and let the truth and divine idea destroy the mesmerism that argues that you are ill or unhappy. This idea is your Saviour, your true self, the Christ Spirit.

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