Address on Christian Science


During a course on the Philosophy of Religion, questions arose when the subject turned to Christian Science. Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr., C.S.B., with the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Rhode Island, was invited to answer questions formulated by the class. The address, delivered on January 13, 1931, was open to all students of the college as well as the general public.

Questions addressed include:

  • What is the process of healing and what causes the cures?
  • How is it possible to say that everything is mental and at the same time admit the physical?
  • Given that your faculties testify to the existence of the spiritual and the material, how can you disbelieve in them when they testify to the material existence and believe these same faculties when they testify to the spiritual existence?
  • Explain malicious animal magnetism in Christian Science.
  • How can we say that all is good and yet admit the existence of an evil power?
  • If Christian Science is true, then it will be successful in healing all kinds of disease. If it fails to heal any one kind of disease then it is not true. A theory in order to be true, must not fail when put to the most crucial test. Then how about cases of accident or amputation?
  • Since Christian Science declares nothing but perfection, it compels man to say, “I am perfect.” If we are perfect, then everything we do is perfect. Hence we never make mistakes. If all Christian Scientists are not absolutely perfect then the whole thesis of the religion is destroyed.

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