The Visitor


In this beautiful allegory, the title character helps the narrator explore the apparent vicissitudes of Life and uncover a richer understanding of Truth.

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“An inspirational book, for those who need help in trouble. ‘The visitor’ comes, unannounced, when some knotty problem of thought needs to be solved, some tangle unravelled. He helps the storyteller – he helps ‘John’s wife’ to clearer understanding of life and love and the whys and wherefores of some of the daily inconsistencies. Perhaps the text of the book is found in this: ‘Happiness is not a product of circumstances, but a great fact of life, for time and eternity, and that, to the man who understands this fact, circumstances can neither give anything nor take anything away.’ ” — Kirkus Review

“One rises refreshed from its noble teaching.” — Church of England Newspaper

“An attractively written piece of allegorical writing.” — The Guardian

“An exquisite parable.”— Methodist Recorder

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