Temple of the Living God


Peter V. Ross

Reading Time: 3 minutes
You are quite right, people are amazingly slow to accept the glorious promises made by the seers and prophets of all ages and races, and confirmed by the experience of those who have had the good sense to believe. These promises are more than promises, they are facts to be accepted by everybody in quest of self-improvement. Thus it is written, “Ye are the temple of the living God.” Scores of people have told me of gaining relief from one malady or another by taking this assurance seriously. And yet so many people, instead of accepting the affirmation unreservedly, are inclined to inquire, “Who is this I or me who is the temple? Is it the body or consciousness or soul?”

Thereby does one depart from the guarantee and wander out into the fields of speculation and disputation. The promise is that you are the temple of the living God. Simple enough, is it not? Accept it. A temple is a place where people gather together. You are the place where all the properties of the Eternal assemble to make you a woman of unquestionable quality.

Energy, strength, and buoyancy are therefore unavoidably yours. The obsession of weakness and incapacity may try to frame or mesmerize you, but you cannot be deceived, for not only are you the temple of animation but of intelligence. Therefore you are equipped with the vision that enables you to see through this trickery and to recognize your genuine self right where the troubled self seems to be. Speak the truth to this imposition and speak it searchingly and confidently.

Instead of looking around and trying to uncover error in yourself or elsewhere, look about and uncover the goodness and verve which constitute you. There is altogether too much keenness displayed in uncovering evil; it is good that needs to be brought to light. And if you will look yourself over thoroughly you will find what deep thinkers always find on their premises—a full-fledged man or woman, as the case may be, faultless and sufficient in all parts. Your work now is to make that discovery. It can be done.

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